Holistic Education

As members of FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) and ISAC (International Schools Athletic Conference), we are able to offer students a diverse range of competitive opportunities throughout Asia. All our students successfully compete on a seasonal basis in football, volleyball, basketball, netball, rugby, track & field athletics, swimming and tee ball as well as handball, tennis, table tennis, badminton and cross country running.
The school has an active Drama Enrichment programme which teaches students performance skills and exposes them to other important aspects of production such as performance skills and exposes them to other important aspects of production such as lighting and sound design, stage management, costume and set design, writing and direction.
Every child is offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Over 10 instruments are taught in several dedicated practice rooms,supporting a number of instrumental and vocal ensembles.
Students are given the opportunity to explore a wide variety of media and techniques as a vehicle for expression, passion and emotion, and a means of challenging themselves and the world around them. In addition to practical skills, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of art, design and craft from the past and present and from a range of cultures.
Anotable part of Harrow education is the annual week long Personal Development programme i n the School and the Expeditions week in the Upper School. These programmes are planned to give our students growing levels of skills and experiences, from the younger years through to the Sixth Form. Expeditions give the students an opportunity to pursue the themes of Challenge, Service, Creative Expression, Teamwork, Leadership and Charity in unfamiliar environments.
Enrichment Activities
S tudents take part in activities four times each week. Some of the activities offered across the School include: cricket, cross-country running, rock climbing, tennis, golf, dance, chess, Chinese art and painting, debating, environmental club, psychology club, musical ensembles, drama productions and more. Regular Critical Lunches are held across the School, where we encourage students to partake in a discussion with a visiting expert, such as a novelist, diplomat or human rights specialist.
Community Service
S tudents at Harrow International Schools develop an understanding of service and individual responsibility to others through a range of school experiences. The International Award for Young People, School programmes for personal, social and health education, and the inter-House Charity fundraising events all provide realistic opportunities for individual engagement with relevant world issues.